Anker PowerCore 20100 Review – The Best Power Brick You Can Currently Buy


In the past, I’ve got a chance to be a part of Anker’s Power User program, working with the company to test product and provide feedback. I had the opportunity to try out the Anker PowerCore 20100 and was very impressed with this product, through its design, quality and performance. Besides packing a large amount of battery capacity, the PowerCore 20100 is also one of the sleekest designs you can buy, and the quality of packaging and accessories by Anker impress a lot, and at just $40 price for a whole package. So, let’s take a look at what it offers.

When I received this product, I was immediately impressed with its packaging. Anker demonstrates its high levels of product quality not just with their devices, but the all-around package. Anker products are always packaged well, and the PowerCore 20100 was no exception. Opening the box, the contents look impressive – a super sleek power brick, a soft carrying case (super useful after I had to start carrying it around everywhere but not commonly seen included with these products) and a nice charging cable. I was actually surprised to see a carrying case, as I’ve tested multiple power bricks over the past and its proven useful when i carry the PowerCore 20100 around with me.


The Anker PowerCore 20100 looks seriously sleek and I find it to be one of the best-looking power bricks around. All design elements fit very well into it, from the white colour (the model I received, and I do believe it look a lot better than black) to the placement of USB ports. To round off the sleek package, Anker places its neat logo and 4 LED lights on the top of the power brick to further enhance the already great look. The quality of the build also impressed, and Anker didn’t slack off with making this model. The result is an all-around best power brick.

PowerCore 20100 is quite large in size, although it is never inconvenient to carry it. The plentiful capacity is a worthwhile trade-off, and I appreciated the fact I wouldn’t have to charge it often for weeks. The 20100 mAh capacity is enough to charge a high-end phone multiple times over, although this iteration of Anker’s PowerCore does not include Quick Charging. Don’t expect it to be able to charge your phone from zero to full in an hour, and I rely on it more to keep my phone from completely dying. 2 USB ports allow for simultaneous charging, which is always handy for a second device of any type.


Anker uses its smart Power IQ technology for charging devices, which like many others, detect the best possible output to charge a phone quickly. Again, QuickCharge is lacking so it is still slow by modern standards, but it doesn’t necessarily present a big problem. Most of these devices I won’t use to fully charge my phone anyways, and maintaining a steady battery level is more of a priority. The PowerCore 20100 has never failed on me once, and I’ve had it for over half a year by now. It also didn’t cause any issues with my wide range of electronic devices and accessories.

Overall, the Anker PowerCore 20100 demonstrates the excellent quality of products by Anker, and thus deserves a lot of attention. It is one of the sleekest power banks you could buy, but it also delivers on its excellent quality and performance. Its capacity is plentiful and up to 2 devices can be charged simultaneously. Its one of the best portable chargers around, and Anker also includes some neat accessories such as a carrying case for protection. If you’re in the market for a new portable charger, give this one a good look.


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