Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones review – best fitness earbuds you’d find for the price

Choosing a pair of quality wireless earbuds can be a painstakingly long process, given thousands of options available on the market across a diverse price range, and in my experience, can often be hit-and-miss across many brands. Jaybird Freedom have caught my eye during a half-price sale, and I got my hands on a bright red pair from BestBuy. Over extensive use throughout two months, the headphones have met or exceeded my expectations when it comes to reliability, design, and sound quality, delivering consistent performance across the board. If you get them during a sale, the Jaybird Freedom are often available at a half price point, which I highly recommend waiting for, and make full use of that value by delivering a strong set of features. Jaybird Freedom make a strong case for why premium audio products command such consumer demand, and their general availability at an affordable price point backed by high quality ensures user satisfaction. Below, I discuss the full extent of the product’s features, taking into account extensive quality testing throughout a two month period to highlight why these rank among some of the best wireless earbuds money can buy.

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