You should check out the SHIFT watch collection by Giorgio Piola

credit: GiorgioPiola

The world of racing-inspired timepieces is perhaps the most wondrous subset of the watch industry, aiming to translate fascinating car designs and raw performance into a fashion statement you can wear on your wrist. Covering a diverse array of motorsport disciplines, these products draw in racing fans from all over the world, and show some of the most intricate watch building. The product to catch my immediate attention is an upcoming SHIFT line of watches, created by none other than the well-renowned Formula 1 Journalist Giorgio Piola. His tech drawings that document the evolution of Formula 1 designs throughout decades demonstrate unparalleled attention to detail, which has translated nicely into not just the SHIFT, but other collections available from Giorgio Piola. Drawing inspiration from the intense discipline that is F1 racing, the SHIFT collection arguably offers some of the most beautiful visuals you’d see from its category, provided you like the style of course, and especially appeals to me as a racing fan and a watch enthusiast. Currently funded under Kickstarter, these watches are available at more than reasonable prices, with $350USD pledge getting you one of the timepieces sometime around March 2019. If you have passion for the world of motorsports, the SHIFT collection shouldn’t be overlooked, and its solid spec sheet makes it one of the best options to be had in the price range.

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