Zelotes T80 Review – Easily the best cheap gaming mouse?

When I was looking to buy a gaming mouse, I wanted something nice looking but very inexpensive at the same time. I didn’t exactly want to spent a $100 on a Mad Catz or Corsair mouse, even while those look absolutely amazing. Browsing through Amazon, I saw the Zelotes T80 mouse, and it caught my attention. Its combination of affordable pricing, attractive gaming design and a decent enough build for the price make it one of the best alternatives to high-end gaming mice if you don’t have the bank to spend lots on your gaming accessories.

For a start, this mouse is cheap, like very cheap, it set me back only $15. But what impresses the most, is just how good it is for such a low price, I’m not kidding. The mouse features a very nice plastic build that feels great in hand, and it is extremely easy to grip your hand around it. The build quality doesn’t feel cheap whatsoever, having a nice coating along the whole surface of the mouse. You obviously won’t find the level of quality provided by higher-end brands like Razer or Corsair here, but then we’re talking about an entirely different price category here.

Visually, the mouse looks great, with a nice design and a solid black color accented by blue writing. But it doesn’t end there, as the T80 features six colors as background lighting, and every few seconds, the mouse switches color to interchange between the six. You can turn off the back lighting altogether, of course, or set it to one particular RGB, so the mouse will be lit up constantly while you’re using it. The design of the Zelotes T80 is very pleasing and it looks the part of the more expensive mice.

On the technical side of things, the mouse features 7 buttons in total: left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel, a button for adjusting DPI settings (more on that later), and three programmable keys on the left side. Each button is responsive and feels great to use, providing a subtle click that doesn’t distract you as much as some louder options on the market. The adjustable DPI setting is a very big surprise considering the low price of this mouse, but they let you do that anyways. The Zelotes T80 is also designed to be plug-and-play, with typically instant connection from the moment you connect it, though give it a few seconds to install the built-in driver. In case of any issues, the software can be downloaded from here.

There are five different settings for the DPI: 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200 & 7200. This is a good selection of options, as each mode works great on its own. I found the 1600 DPI to be optimal for working, though I don’t usually switch DPI settings when using it and keep it at the same value. 2400 and 3200 DPI are best for gaming, however if you’re a very good League or StarCraft player then you would probably want the 7200 DPI to be switched on as it is very responsive. I mostly use the 3200 DPI and it works well in games such as Fallout: New Vegas and Torchlight 2, in my opinion it’s the most optimal DPI to use.

The Zelotes T80 has greatly impressed me, with its solid build, a great feel and a very affordable price. It provides a solid upgrade over any basic wired mouse, and there is a lot to like of the features on offer. A good gaming mouse doesn’t have to be expensive, and while a Corsair or Razer mice are of much better quality and design, the Zelotes T80 is for anyone who doesn’t like spending lots of money on their gaming accessories.


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