Codemasters are working on a new F1 game for phones and tablets


F1 Mobile Racing/Codemasters

The maker of authentic racing games F1, Grid and Dirt, Codemasters has recently revealed a work-in-progress F1 Mobile Racing with launch details, screenshots and a game trailer on the company’s blog. Following a soft launch of the game in Thailand and Philippines, games interested in F1 racing will be able to get their hands on the best racer in the genre when the game releases in Fall 2018.

F1 Mobile Racing might not be the most creative title they could have come up with, but the game trailer conveys all of the same features we see in its bigger counterparts without losing the sense of scale. While we can only speculate so far how many cars, tracks, and racing teams will be included in final release, but Codemasters promise to include all tracks and competitors from the 2018 season of F1.

Gameplay will lean towards realistic handling, where slamming into competitors and trying to drift corners isn’t going to end well. This is what the F1 games are known for, showcasing an authentic approach to formula racing, where precise cornering is the key, and it is necessary to avoid contact with other competitors as well. The first-person camera shown in the game’s trailer will make for even greater immersion, although it is hard to say whether it would be the only point of view for the player. Having experienced many of Codemasters’ games on bigger platforms, I’d expect multiple camera modes to be included.


F1 Mobile Racing/Codemasters

Some of the new things you can do involve customizing the look of your F1 racer, with likely hundreds of possibilities in visual styles. Car stats can be altered as well to increase speed, handling and acceleration through a meaningful upgrade system. Players will “win blueprints, research parts and improve car’s performance via a deep Research & Development system,” which fill likely feature some sort of progression system with different levels of part rarity. If F1 Mobile Racing launches for free, there could be reward crates containing performance improvements or those could be obtained simply through purchase.

Multiplayer is included as well, and players will be able to compete real-time with others through 1v1 race battles. These can be part of a bigger race with other opponents substituted by AI, time trial challenges and head-to-head competition. Overall, F1 Mobile Racing promises to be the most detailed and authentic formula racing experience on mobile platforms, with diverse content to keep players engaged long-term. Given Codemasters’ racing pedigree with multiple franchises, as well as help from Eden games who most recently released GearClub, this title has a lot of potential to compete with other high-quality racing games on mobile. It is unclear as of now, however, whether F1 Mobile Racing will release in final form as a free-to-play title, or one with a price premium. iOS is slated as the first platform for release, and the Android version will follow it up.

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