American Truck Simulator is heading to Oregon for its next DLC


American Truck Simulator/SCS Software

SCS Software are hard at work to expand American Truck Simulator into spanning the entirety of the country, and presently aim to bring us out to Oregon in the next game DLC. Expect to haul cargo across another location with hundreds of miles of open road, small towns, dense forests, highways, and much more.

The upcoming DLC for American Truck Simulator will focus on the Oregon state, slowly expanding the game map to include the entirety of the United States. Once it comes out, players will be able to seamlessly drive into the state as always, performing cargo deliveries between the most notable cities of the location. Moving cargo, players will be able to drive along known routes such as U.S.-30, 20 and -26. SCS Software are updating their blog as development on the DLC continues, with a few notable news of interest to players.

The economy of Oregon state is known to particularly focus on woodworking production, and the DLC will faithfully represent many of the elements in the industry including many production and wood-cutting zones. Players will find themselves driving up to thematic pickup and drop off locations, most often found in forests, construction zones, and rural areas to carry a degree of realism. It will certainly be interesting to move along unpaved roads and through upcoming suburbs, as depicted in screenshots. The DLC will increase cargo diversity in the base game by focusing on the underlying elements of the state’s economy, allowing players to transport timber, lumber, and other construction materials.


American Truck Simulator/SCS Software

Oregon state also prominently features massive truck stops, which will be represented in the game with their distinct designs and abundance of traffic. They will be “easily recognizable as unique landmarks,” according to SCS and will provide a more interesting spin on resting locations than the typical gas stations in the game. As Oregon is still very much in the works, there will be more variety and news to come.


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