The spirit of Burnout lives in 2 new games from Three Fields Entertainment


Danger Zone 2/Three Fields Entertainment

The Burnout series lives on in adrenaline-fueled rampage racer.

Three Fields Entertainment, composed of some of the folks who used to work on the Burnout series, announced not one but two new games to release this year. The first to come is Danger Zone 2 on July 13th this year and will be built on the Unreal Engine 4. The game will continue on from its predecessor, although will take players out on the open road to include traffic and even more spectacular crashes.

On their game website, the developers revealed that Danger Zone 2 will “let players crash for cash and compete with each other to cause the most chaos on the road”. The game will be feature open roads of USA, the UK and Spain among some of its 17 locations. There are going to be “8 vehicles to drive and smash,” including a big truck and a formula one car, the former of which looks to be the most fun on the road. Players will have to cause as many collisions as possible and smash through traffic to hit a score target, and Danger Zone 2 promises to have online leaderboards so friends can compare their high scores. The game will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will also support the upgraded resolutions of the Xbox One X console and it’s PS4 Pro competitor.


Dangerous Driving/Three Fields Entertainment

The second title announced is Dangerous Driving, coming sometime towards the end of 2018. The game will feature “close track competitive racing with boost, takedowns, destruction, and the biggest car crashes seen in a racing game to date” as stated on the game’s website. For this one, Three Fields are keeping details hidden for now, but the game will also be available for the three major gaming platforms.

So far Danger Zone 2 looks very promising based on screenshots, and will be a throwback to glorious days of the Burnout series. The first Danger Zone enjoys a niche following, who will likely support the devs in their second title. Neither this nor Dangerous Driving have gameplay trailers at the moment, but we can already expect both to follow in the crazy stunt direction the Burnout series have set in the racing genre. Although EA haven’t followed up with an official sequel to Burnout Paradise, Three Fields Entertainment looks to continue the venerable franchise in their own way. To look out for further details as well as gameplay trailers, follow the company’s website.

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