Shadowgun Legends is set to come to Nintendo Switch


Madfinger Games/Shadowgun Legends

The best mobile shooter on mobile in years coming to Nintendo Switch.

On June 19, 2018, Madfinger Games announced they’ll bring their excellent mobile FPS/RPG hybrid Shadowgun Legends to the Nintendo Switch. This will be their first “foray into console gaming”, although the Nvidia Tegra based console will be an architecture very familiar to the developer. Shadowgun Legends on Switch will deliver “stunning graphics and a solid 60 frames per second”, as the developer intends to take full advantage of the console’s processing power. With excellent FPS mechanics, a large amount of quests, PvE dungeons and PvP interaction, Legends has plenty of features to compete with AAA shooters on the console.
In my review of Shadowgun Legends, I called it one of the best looking and playing shooters on mobile for many reasons. Its FPS gameplay is among the smoothest game experiences on phones, and the addition of controller support in the Switch release will only improve on the manners. Legends features four distinct planets with varied environments, and the lush jungle world especially stood out during my play time. The game’s co-op dungeons were plenty of fun with other players, even if sometimes it took quite a while to cue up into matches from the main hub. Speaking of which, the game’s city area is a flashy and stunning place to accept quests from the various characters and allows players to interact with each other.

3. New Duel Arena.jpg

Madfinger Games/Shadowgun Legends

Destiny-like raids add a lot of challenge to the PvE experience, and PvP rounds off an impressive package. Shadowgun Legends offers an immersive experience, and Madfinger Games will no doubt add that extra layer of polish to make the game a worthwhile contender to big name shooters on the console. No details on pricing have been announced as of yet, but there’s a good chance Shadowgun Legends will retain its free pricing model with premium currency for those who want to expand visual traits for their character. With engaging shooting, tons of different gear and a large amount of content, the game is absolutely worth checking out. Stay tuned for when Shadowgun Legends releases on the Switch.

Madfinger Games

My review of Shadowgun Legends

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