Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs: Legion, due March 6, 2020

During its press conference at E3 this year, Ubisoft revealed the next entry in the Watch Dogs series, set to take players to the streets of post-Brexit London, England. The subtle ways corporations and the government controlled the population in the past games have now fully changed into an oppressive regime, if much of the tone in the reveal trailer is to go by. City streets are filled with armed forces and military drones, against whom players would amass a large resistance force from the general population, in the aim to take back freedom.

The recruiting mechanic promises to be a big selling point in Watch Dogs: Legion, as developers state we’d be able to take control of any NPC in the city to offer vast variety in approaching targets. Each will also offer a randomized set of skills and gadgets to give players room for experimentation. This sounds like a tall order on the developers, who appear to strive giving personality to each those random NPCs, and hopefully they can pull it off without much downgrade elsewhere. One would quickly remember the finalized state of the original game, which at E3 showed considerably more potential than what we got in the release’s final form.

Watch Dogs: Legion is currently set to release on March 6th, 2020 – to be available through PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google’s upcoming game streaming service Stadia. On the initial platform, my bet is it’ll be exclusive to the Epic Store for a period of time, although we’ll see the distribution platforms closer towards release. Ubisoft further revealed a gameplay walkthrough clip, which can be seen below.

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