Vampyr will add two new difficulty modes


Focus Home Interactive announced an upcoming update for Vampyr, a dark gritty RPG set in World War I era London. Along with some tweaks to gameplay, it will add two new difficulty modes to add “replayability for existing players and more options for those who haven’t yet sunk their teeth into this dark adventure.”

There will be a ‘Story mode,’ that will significantly decrease the difficulty of Vampyr’s combat to let players enjoy the story-driven elements of the game. It will be a welcome addition as the game’s emphasis on story left combat somewhat lacking. The second feature will be a Hard mode, which on contrary will turn up the challenge of enemy encounters, and reduce the amount of XP awarded from combat. In theory, it will force players to make hard decisions of killing named NPCs and succumbing the world to darker forces.


When I reviewed Vampyr, I found it to be engaging in many aspects, from character dialogue to exploration of London’s streets, and of course its decision moments whether I let a character live or die. The Story mode will be welcome, although a Hard mode wouldn’t particularly benefit the combat engine, which I found to be clunky. Maybe there are those who will dig the challenge in its Dark Souls-esque combat flow. Vampyr’s upcoming update will release sometime in August. In the meantime, the game is discounted at 25% over on Steam.

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